Development history
In 1997, Shenyang Filter Cloth Factory was established. The first domestic TBF cloth was produced and make TBF filter cloth production become localized.
In 1998, BOLIAN’s V-series filtration fabrics for LAROX filters has won national new utility patent certificate and the Gold Medal in the “National Patented Technology and Product Fair”
In 2000, diaphragm cloth was upgraded successfully, generating a revolution for production of electrolytic nickel technique.
In 2002, to expand foreign markets
In 2004, to import Germany advanced production equipment, to improve product quality
In 2006, automatic warp transmission gets national patent.
In 2008, Liaoning Bolian Filter Co. Ltd was officially established. Production capacity was doubled. The imported equipment dramatically brought forward the productivity in the industry. Million square meters of environmental-protection filter projects start to run.
In 2010, electrolytic nickel of diaphragm and diaphragm bag get national patent; BOLIAN won ISO9001 quality management system certification.
In 2012, to import the advanced production lines from Germany and Italy.
In 2013, BOLIAN achieves finished super-width of 4.6 meters, to reach the leading level
In 2014, BOLIAN cooperated with overseas enterprises and experts to promote and globalize our products and technology.

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