Horizontal Filter and Vacuum Filter Cloth/ Belt
H series HVBF cloth
H series horizontal belt type, High-tech Efficiency Quality
BOLIAN provides double-layer, mono-filament and mono-multifilament products, suitable for variety of horizontal belt filters and many kinds of solid-liquid separation equipment. The effective single width is up to 4.6 m, which has no competitors in Chinese market at present.

We Offer Your Benefit Applications
Single width up to 4.6 meters;
Amplifying the clearance among yarns; Prolonging the service life.
Inverse bell shape, forming a quick diversion
Excellent stripping performance of filter cake
Complete set of finishing process: heat setting, calendaring, cutting and trimming, clippering, gluing etc.
Reducing production energy consumption and the filter cake moisture content
Improving the production efficiency and liquid clarity
The whole process traceability due to ISO 9001 quality management system
Chemicals: Phosphoric acid, Citric acid, Catelyzer, Potassic fertilizer
Metallurgy industry: Gold, Silver, Copper, Ferrum, Nickel, Aluminum, Zinc, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Lead, Silicon
Medical industry: Penicillin, Enzyme preparation, Medical intermediate
Environmental protection: Tailings treatment, Fly ash treatment, Desulfurization, Red mud degradation, Dust abatement
Food: Starch, Food additives, Monosodium glutamate(MSG)

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